CD Player in New Cars: Is it Still a Thing?

With the convenience of always being connected steroids side effects for men to your phone and the wide array in music streaming options on the market in the present, it’s simple to put CD players aside.

In the past, almost all cars had CD players in the standard equipment. However, CD players are slowly disappearing from the past. If you asked teens regarding a player for CD now the result could be an extremely confused expression.

How about today’s cars? Are the latest cars equipped with CD players? Keep reading to learn more!

Do new Cars come with CD players?

The majority of new cars do not come with CD players any more. Today, nearly all automakers have substituted the CD player with alternative options for music playback like Apple Carplay, Android Auto or Bluetooth through the connection of your mobile to the car’s infotainment system. There are however a few automakers that provide CD players.

The short answer is the positive and negative, some new vehicles do come with CD players, while other do not. However, the number of cars that have the CD player as standard decreases every year.

Today’s technology lets you effortlessly can connect or auto-magically your mobile via the car’s infotainment systems and access millions of songs via streaming music apps like Apple Carplay, Android Auto, Spotify, and more.

Given this it’s no surprising that players with CDs have become less of the top choice for buyers of new cars.

When Did CD Players Stop Being Put In Cars?

The USB drive as well as the audio input of which are quickly eclipsed by Bluetooth streaming via our phones The demise of players for CDs in vehicles was triggered about a decade ago.

There are many car makers that stopped from doing so at once. Certain brands are looking to be on the cutting edge of technological advancement, while others tend to prefer keeping an eye on the past with certain models of their cars in order to reach a different target audience.

The majority of consumers stopped using CD players in 2015 when streaming services and smartphones began dominating the music market completely. Some car manufacturers offer CD players , even today, and you may be wondering what’s the reason?

Why Automakers Still Use CD Players?

Auto manufacturing is 10 year behind in the world of music says Forbes 2017.

Today, the majority of the automobile industry did catch up. But, one of the primary reasons that certain car makers still provide CD players with their new automobiles is their demographic of customers.

If you consider it you will see that new cars are most likely to be bought by older people with the funds needed to purchase a brand new car. However, even the older generation is becoming more and more accustomed to modern technology.

An excellent example is Lexus The company is likely to are aware that the market they target continues to use CDs, and so they’ll continue to provide CD players as an option on some of their new vehicles which is great for people who don’t want to give up their CDs.

However, with technology evolving faster than everbefore, it’s just a matter of time before the CD player will be no more. It’s likely that this feature will be gone forever in the coming years. If you’re holding the hope of a new vehicle that has CD players it is advisable to look at alternative options.

What happens in 2022? Cars Still have CD Players?

Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Ford, and Lexus are among the car manufacturers which still offer CD players as standard as an option in certain of their vehicles. Ford plans to not include CD players in their vehicles after 2022.

Can a CD Player be fitted to a brand new Car?

The quick answer is yes however it’s not as easy as adding an accessory head unit. Certain of the latest dashboards of cars don’t work with the CD player but it’s not just the one issue.

The latest cars usually don’t possess the right hardware to work with a different CD player. The majority of newer vehicles use multimedia players with digital capabilities that are connected with the Internet and play music on smartphones.

Although it’s possible to install CD players but it’s an expensive and complicated process that may not be worthwhile.

But, it’s possible to connect an iPod player to a car that is newer through connecting to your car’s infotainment system through Bluetooth or an USB cable. In this way you will still be able to listen to the music you love or have been listening to even if the car you’re driving does not come with an inbuilt player.

What is the best way to play CDs in newer Cars With or without CD Players

If you aren’t able to get rid of your CDs, you’re in luck because there are several alternatives to play your music in a brand new vehicle.

Portable CD Player with AUX

There aren’t all cars with an AUX feature, but if the car has it, you’re lucky. Aux, a short form in the form of auxiliary among the first choices for connecting your smartphone to the radio player in your car.

For connecting to a portable CD player connect an AUX cord into your device and then select the Aux option in the sound system in your car.

Then you should be capable of hearing your music through your car’s speakers. If you wish to regulate your volume, skip track or even turn off tracks you’ll need to do it via an audio player.

Remember that not all vehicles can be used in this manner Be certain to read your vehicle’s owner’s manual prior to purchasing.

Portable CD Player with USB Input

The majority of newer vehicles have USB inputs. You can connect an iPod player with a portable USB port that connects to your car via the USB cord.

They usually include an USB cable that connects to the CD player at one end , and the vehicle’s USB interface on the second. After it’s connected the player will show in your car’s infotainment system, and you’ll be able to manage it via the controls of your car.

But, ensure that you purchase the USB CD player compatible with the car you are using. Some CD players be only compatible with computer while others only work with specific radios.

If you’re planning to buy a player for your CD make sure it will fit in your vehicle.

Portable CD Players with Bluetooth

If your vehicle doesn’t include the AUX input or USB input you could utilize a portable player that has Bluetooth. Also, it could be cheaper than other choices.

To connect the Portable Bluetooth CD player, connect the device to your vehicle’s Bluetooth. After it’s connected, you will be able see the player on your car’s infotainment systems.

From there, you are able to manage the player with the car’s controls. The only drawback is that you must be sure that the Bluetooth CD player is running at a sufficient battery.

If you’re looking for an affordable and simple method to stream your favorite CDs an older car, the Bluetooth CD player might be the best way to take.


Certain new vehicles have CD players either as a standard alternative. In just a few years it is likely that the possibility of purchasing a brand new car equipped that has a CD player will likely be gone. The portable CD player is a fantastic alternative to play CDs in cars that are more modern.

For many, the modern technology like streaming services and smartphones is an excellent thing but even though it’s a good idea to embrace the new ways of life, some of us may want to save our CDs for a more.

I hope you enjoyed this article!


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