How To Choose Car Floor Mats

Carpets in the interior of the car are necessary to ensure that the floor of the car is protected from dirt, damage, and corrosion. And if earlier this accessory came complete with a car from a dealer, today it is customary to buy car mats separately from manufacturers. So how to choose car floor mats from a variety of shapes, materials, and sizes and not make a mistake?

First of all, you need to decide on the desired type of rug, and then choose the color and size that best suits the interior of the car. To do this, let’s talk in more detail about the varieties of carpets in the salon.

Types of car mats

Car mats are classified into several categories. The list of categories includes the following classification of rugs:

  • by appointment (placement);
  • by model type;
  • according to the material of manufacture.

Types of carpets for cars by purpose

According to their purpose, car mats are divided into those intended for placement in the passenger compartment of the car and the trunk. Moreover, the carpet in the trunk, under normal conditions of its operation, can be bought for a long period, regardless of climatic conditions and seasons. Car floor mats are more prone to wear and tear and their selection is influenced by many more factors. These factors include the climatic conditions of the area in which the owner lives, the seasons, the intensity of car use, and others.

Types of carpets for cars by model type

When it comes to carpet models, one of two types is meant: universal or model. A universal type of car mat is an accessory that is suitable for any brand of car. In addition to versatility, this type of coating is favored by the lower acquisition cost, as well as availability – you can buy universal car mats at any specialized store.

Speaking about the disadvantages of this choice, first of all, it is worth saying that this type of carpet cannot perfectly match the size of your salon: there will always be either an extra corner or a lack of space. Also, such rugs, most often, do not have sides that do not allow moisture and dirt to penetrate under the coating and damage the floor of the car. In turn, the model carpet is made according to the individual standards of a particular car model.

Moreover, it can be a rug in the trunk and the salon, depending on the wishes of the client. This type of carpet will cover every centimeter of the floor, which will provide maximum protection to the interior. Naturally, the rarer the car model you own, the longer it may take to manufacture. Accordingly, the cost of a model car mat will be an order of magnitude more expensive than the price of a universal one.

Types of car carpets according to the material of manufacture

When dividing carpets for cars according to the material of manufacture, there are 3 main types:

  • rubber;
  • polyurethane;
  • textile;

Rubber car mats

Rubber car mats are the most common type of car flooring. They are resistant to moisture penetration. This property, as well as the lowest price, makes this type of rug indispensable in the rainy seasons of spring/autumn.

The disadvantage of such coatings is low elasticity, high weight, unpleasant odor, and extremely low resistance to cold. The last fact suggests that in regions with frosty winters, it is better not to use rubber car mats at all at this time of the year, since under the influence of low temperatures, the rubber cracks, which deprives the coating of its main function – floor protection.

Polyurethane car mats

Unlike rubber coatings, this type of car accessory has all the necessary qualities. So, having high flexibility, the polyurethane car mat completely repeats all the curves of the cabin. The material is much lighter and does not have an unpleasant odor, perfectly resists the penetration of moisture, and is resistant to low temperatures.

This type of coating can be used throughout the calendar year, regardless of weather conditions. The only disadvantage of such a carpet is that it fully corresponds to the declared quality, but the high price.

Textile car mats

It is textile mats that most often creep into the trunk of a car. This is due to their “breathable” structure. They easily absorb moisture if it gets into the trunk, keeping its contents intact. For the interior, this type of coating also has many advantages, such as an excellent price-quality ratio, a variety of colors, shapes, and pile heights. These mats are easy to remove and wash, which makes it possible to constantly care for the interior.

Depending on preferences and financial capabilities, you can choose one of several options for such a product as textile floor mats for the interior or trunk. The cheapest and most common version of this coating is rugs consisting of polypropylene fiber. This type easily absorbs moisture but does not retain it, so cheap textile rugs are fashionable to use only in the dry season.

Textile mats belonging to the middle price segment have a rubberized base as an advantage. This makes it possible to use them not only in the summer season. However, it is worth remembering that the absorbency of such products is also limited, therefore, to avoid the creation of mini-reservoirs in the cabin, the condition of the rugs should be constantly monitored. The highest quality and, at the same time, expensive textile mats have a rubberized base and a denser and higher polypropylene pile. These qualities help to better absorb moisture and prevent it from entering the cabin.

The general disadvantages of the category include the fact that with significant use of the car interior in wet weather, the ability to absorb moisture sooner or later exhausts itself. It is also worth considering that salt and other chemicals that are used to treat sidewalks in the winter season can cause serious damage to textile rugs of any value. In addition, after washing, such rugs dry for a long time, which makes it difficult to use the car quickly.

Car floor mats Stingray

Stingray car floor mats are the latest in-car floor protection. A feature of this brand is that TM Stingray Covers more than 370 brands of all cars. In the assortment of this company, the buyer will be able to choose a carpet for the salon for absolutely any car. This type of interior accessory is made from a special polymer, which is a cellular material. It has a high side (5mm), a “paw”, a reinforced thrust bearing, and eyelets (clips).

When moisture or dirt gets on such a rug, it is evenly distributed inside the cells. The rug does not allow moisture to penetrate the cabin but also prevents the formation of puddles underfoot. You can remove the absorbed moisture at any convenient time. With constant penetration of moisture into the interior, you should opt for the Stingray auto-mat. This type of carpet made of polyurethane is perfect for any time of the year.


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