How To Keep Your Car Clean

Tips to keep your car always clean

Keeping the car clean is important, and for this, the idea is to have accessories that make our work as easy as possible.

If you want to take care of your car and keep it looking like new for longer, regular cleaning is very important. However, if this process takes a long time, it is easy for us to postpone it. And between one thing and another, the car without sweeping.

The best way to make cleaning your car easy is by having elements that simplify the process. And in the eBay motor products section, you can find all of them and many more that we cannot consider in a single article.

Here we must distinguish between two elements. On the one hand, we have those components that are part of the car and that we can replace with more useful ones, such as the case of the mats. On the other hand, we have the elements that, when added, can make the car less dirty, as is the case with litter bins. And finally, we have products that we can apply to the car to make it last longer.

This selection is ideal for a longer-lasting clean and also to make cleaning the car an easier task.

Rubber mats to clean in minutes

They have become popular in recent times because there are already many vehicles that have them as standard. At first, they might seem somewhat less elegant, but the truth is that the advantages they offer us are very remarkable. Textile mats get so dirty that sometimes we can’t clean them. 

On the other hand, if we try to clean these with water, we will have to let them dry for a long time. And if they remain damp, either because we have not allowed them to dry enough or because the shoes have accumulated a lot of water, they will smell bad and could even rot. All this not to mention that the wear on the textile material once it occurs gives them the appearance of old and battered mats.

With the rubber mats, we have all this solved. The humidity does not matter because they are waterproof. They do not wear out like those made of textile material. And if they get dirty, we just have to spray them with pressurized water and let them dry for a little while (and not because of the mats themselves, but to prevent the rest of the surfaces of the car from picking up moisture). And besides, even buying them universal we can adapt them to our car by cutting them. On eBay, you have a large number of options, both specific to a specific car model and universal for different models.

Boot protectors to keep it clean

The concept of the boot protectors is the same as that of the rubber mats. The trunk is usually the place where we leave products such as shopping, but sometimes we also carry products that can make it dirty, such as a bicycle or a baby stroller. And even if you want to be very careful with the trunk, it is easy that in the end at some point you have to put something muddy in the trunk, and that you do it in a hurry because it is raining a lot. If your trunk has a textile lining, you may irreversibly dirty it.

With a rubber boot protector, all this is solved. On eBay, you can find them specific to your car model, or you can buy a generic one and trim it down to fit your car perfectly. Even if you don’t cut it, it’s a good option, because that way you can also cover the sides and prevent them from getting dirty. And when it comes to cleaning it, it has the same advantages as rubber mats. You will only need pressurized water and it will be in perfect condition.

Water repellents so that the rain stops mattering

The rain dirty your car. Sometimes it does the opposite, and a very clean rain falls that leaves our car almost perfect. But the normal thing is that even when a clean rain falls, it is perceived that the car is no longer clean on the outside. And if it rains with mud, then the vehicle will be directly very dirty. However, if the car had a layer of rain repellent, this would be significantly avoided. And in addition, it is very useful so that the windshield and the rest of the car’s windows offer us better visibility by not accumulating drops of water when we drive on the road.

These water repellents are sold at an affordable price and are ideal for windows and windshields. But we can use it on the entire surface of the car to ensure that the rain leaves the car less dirty when it rains. We would only have to mix a little of the product with the shampoo with which we are going to wash the car. Fixed. On eBay, you have different water repellents for the car. Rain X is one of the best known, although there are many more.

Surface conditioners to keep your car cleaner for longer

Perhaps you have seen that among all the cleaning products for the car, there are some called “conditioners”. A priori they seem the same as the cleaners, but the truth is that they are not. Conditioners should be applied after vehicle surfaces are already clean. Its function is to leave a protective layer on these surfaces, thus ensuring that they remain shiny for longer and dirt adheres less. It is the secret of many professional car washes.

On eBay, you have different conditioners for the car. The most common are the specific ones for plastics, which you can use inside the vehicle and on moldings such as bumpers, although there are also for the bodywork, wheels, etc.

It is not cleaner who cleans

Of course, keeping the car clean often means not getting it dirty. And for this, we need to have sufficient equipment. What do you do when you have something you need to throw away like a parking ticket? It is easy that in the end, we end up leaving these things on the trays of the car. This accumulates, and in the end, the car ends up looking like a small landfill.

The typical ashtrays that vehicles have are too small. But an ideal solution is to have a trash can for the car. They are still compact but have much more capacity than these ashtrays. It is ideal so that all the garbage is located in a single location and we only have to empty the bin every so often. On eBay, you have many options. There are some for the drinks compartment of the car, others that are fixed to the center console of the vehicle, or for the side trays. It is a matter of choosing the one that is most useful for you.

More Tips to keep your Car Clean

  1. Clean your car interior with a coffee filter The material of a coffee filter is perfect for dusting the dashboard.
  2. Create behind-the-seat storage with a wall-mounted shoe rack If you are looking for a wall-mounted shoe rack, you can find one here. Then all you have to do is hang it on the headrest with a string.
  3. Remove Dead Bugs From Your Bumper With Dryer Cloths You can find dryer fabric softener veils here.
  4. Unblock a frozen lock by putting a few drops of hand sanitizer on your key The alcohol in the hand sanitizer will melt the ice in the lock.
  5. Easily add or remove a key from your keychain with a staple remover.
  6. Protect your cup holders from crumbs and dripping liquids with silicone cupcake molds For example, you can use these silicone cupcake molds.
  7. Make your car air freshener by pouring 5-10 drops of essential oil on a clothespin My favorite essential oils to deodorize the cars are lavender and lemon.
  8. Dust the air vents with a craft foam brush You can also get a foam brush of this type here.
  9. Store all the liquids you need for a road trip in a shower caddy.
  10. Put your coins in an empty chewing gum box to have them handy.
  11. Scent the air in your car by putting leftover candles in a candle holder During the summer, the wax will melt and release the fragrance into your car.


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