How To Pay For A Used Car

If you are going to buy a used car from a private seller, it is logical that you have doubts about how to pay for a second-hand car from a person you do not know. When buying a second-hand car it is necessary to be careful and act with the greatest possible precaution to avoid possible scams. In this sense, one of the most delicate moments is the payment of the vehicle. How to do it? What is the safest way? We explain everything in this article, specialists in vehicle procedures.

How to pay for a second-hand car: three ways

How to pay for a secondhand car? In this article, we will refer to three different ways and we will explain which of them is the safest :

  • Paying for a second-hand car in cash
  • Pay for a second-hand vehicle through transfer
  • Use a bank or conformed check

You can pay for a second-hand car in these three ways, but one is safer than all of them. To pay for a second-hand vehicle to an individual, always think about how it is accredited that you have given the money to the seller. In this sense, we remind you of the importance of making sure that at the time of paying for the vehicle, the seller gives you the keys to the car or motorcycle (preferably two) and all the documents.

Is it safe to pay for a second-hand car in cash?

One of the most used ways to pay for a second-hand car is from a private seller in cash. We understand cash as paper money in physical form, as well as bearer bank checks, or even a good that is delivered in exchange for the vehicle.

Paying for a second-hand car in cash may be the easiest, but at the same time, it is not the safest way. First of all, because you will have to carry a large sum of money with you and you could lose it or suffer a robbery on the way to the place of payment. Or you could even see problems with the seller at the time of payment, such as theft as a scam.

How to pay for a second-hand car in cash?

  • Always pay after signing the purchase contract, having kept a copy. The price you have paid for the said vehicle must appear in the contract and that both parties confirm with their signature that the payment has been made.
  • You must make sure that at the time of payment the seller will not leave with the money and the vehicle.
  • You also have to make sure that at the time of paying the seller gives you the two keys to the vehicle and all the documents.
  • In addition, before buying the vehicle you should take precautions. Request the DGT Report to make sure that the car has no impediment to making the name change. Otherwise, you may find yourself with a serious problem, without being able to make the change of ownership, and have already bought the vehicle. The DGT Report can also be used to inform you of the vehicle’s repair history, owners, and multiple data to better understand the vehicle you buy.
  • To avoid theft, it is best to meet the seller in a public place, where there are many people.
  • One of the best options is to make the payment within a financial entity. There you can withdraw the money, without having to walk with it to the meeting place. In addition, everything that happens at the time of payment will be recorded by security cameras.

Is there a maximum limit to paying in cash?

Paying cash for a second-hand car may be a good idea if the vehicle is of little value, although it is an unsafe method to do with a private seller. There is no established maximum limit, however, things change if there is a professional involved.

This maximum limit of payment to a professional does not apply to buyers (individuals) who can justify that they do not have their fiscal domicile in

As we have indicated previously, this regulation is not applicable if the transaction is between individuals

Pay for a used car by check

Without a doubt, the safest way to pay for a second-hand car is by check.

You can pay with all types of checks: the conformed check, in which the bank guarantees the subsequent collection of the amount in the issuer’s account, or the bank check, in which the issuer is the bank itself.

The check, safe form, and the most advisable for the seller:

Of these two types of checks, the safest is the bank check, since the issuer is the bank and it is the one that guarantees the collection of the check. With this check, the seller ensures payment and will not depend on the funds that the buyer has in his account or if he suffers some type of embargo.

As we say, the bank check is the safest payment method for both the buyer and the seller.

Verification of the validity of the check

However, the seller must be very careful and verify that the check is not false. To avoid this problem, it is best to go to the bank with the buyer to be present at the time the check is issued. It can also be verified by phone by calling the bank in question at the same time the check is received from the buyer.

Bank transfer: a very common payment method

Paying for a second-hand car through bank transfer is one of the most common methods. However, depending on whether you buy the vehicle from a professional seller or a private seller, it will be more or less advisable.

Transfer to a professional seller:

Buy a second-hand car from a professional dealer, this is the best method since it is the fastest and easiest and the dealer must be a safe place to make this type of transfer. Of course, if you buy a car in another Community or you are going to import a car from another country, make sure that the dealer exists and that it is trustworthy to send the money by transfer.

Once you make the transfer, you must deliver the proof of payment with the electronic signature of the entity to the seller. In this way, the payment will be accredited, with the data of both parties.

Transfer to an individual:

However, the transfer is not the best payment method to make to a private seller. A common method of scam is that, once you send the money by transfer, the seller disappears with the car and the money.

However, this method of payment is not recommended for individuals. It may be the case that once the transfer is made, the seller disappears with the money and the car.


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