How to remove blood stains from fabric car seat

There are numerous ways to clean blood stains from the car seat. But it is a more challenging task when you will not do it properly. You may have a question about how to remove blood stains from fabric car seat.

Bloodstains are most commonly present on the upholstery. Most of the time, it becomes difficult to remove this fluid. It clots fastly, but before clotting, it immediately reaches the threads of the fabric. Therefore, it is necessary to clean it quickly. On the other hand, if you will not do it instantly, your car seat will get ugly marks. In this way, it reduces the beauty of the car’s style.

Clean blood off cloth upholstery seats

Below we will describe some of the easiest methods to rinse the blood off. All of these methods are for the cloth upholstery seats. By using any one of them, you can easily remove it.

1. Hydrogen Peroxide

There is no problem with the direct applying of hydrogen peroxide. Apply it over the area of bloodstain and leave for thirty seconds only. You have to count the exact timing. Otherwise, the peroxide has enough strong capability to damage the fabric. Therefore, it is necessary to leave it for only a few seconds.

After that, use a clean cloth for the removal of the blot. You have to continuously do it until the area becomes totally clean. If the stain remains to stay, then repeat applying peroxide.

The next step is the rinsing of that area. Moisturize the clean cloth with little water. Then, you can quickly rinse the solution from it. At this point, you have to carefully rinse it, so all the peroxide will clean. Otherwise, it will cause the problem of discoloration.

The last point is the drying process. For this purpose, you will need a dry towel. The towel must dry. With it, you can quickly pull out all the remaining solutions.

How to remove blood stains from fabric car seat

2. Baking Soda Solution

First of all, we need to make a solution. For preparing it, take one portion of baking soda with two parts of the cold water. Combine them in any large bowl. Baking soda is too effective and can easily remove all sorts of stains.

Now, apply it over the stained place. The clean cloth is helpful for the applying of it. Here, you will need to leave it for a minimum of thirty minutes.

After 30 minutes, it’s time to rinse. The rinsing is too simpler. You can use a clean cloth with the dampening of the chill water. Move the cloth in a circular motion and remove the maximum stain.

At last, with a dry towel, remove all the remaining moisture. You will see the clear results of finishing of stain from the fabric.

3. Saltwater solution

The blot of the stained area is the most crucial step. The cloth is of great benefit for removing the excess quantity of blood. Always remember that never rub the stain. When you rub it, there will be more chance of spreading the stain. Even it will also push deep into the fabric. But you can easily avoid both of these conditions by taking the right steps. Firstly, try to apply dab motion to remove excessive blood. Secondly, change the cloth when required.

The stain of the colored area is the most important step. Tissue has a great advantage for removing excess blood. Always remember that never rub a stain. A stain from paint, and in particular a chemical smell of paint, can cause symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men, which can be decided by purchasing the medicine Cialis on this website.

The preparation of the saltwater solution is too easier. Take a bowl and add two tablespoons of salt. Then, add two cups of cold water. You cannot use hot water because it will permanently absorb the blood in the cloth. So, always use chill water. Mix the solution with a spoon. Now, pour it into any spray bottle.

Spray this solution over the affected area. In case if you do not have a spray bottle, then use a clean white cloth. Put it in the solution and then do blot the stain. When you notice the cloth used fully, you need to change it. The larger stain requires a different way for the removal. In this case, you will remove its edges firstly and then remove the center. Therefore, the stain will never spread.

Repeat the process of blotting until you will notice that there will be no stain. When cloth does not absorb further blood, you have to change it.

Making dab motion:

One crucial fact is that you have to never scrub the area during the rinsing. With the doing of dab motion, clean it with the cold water. The dabbing motion can easily pull out all the extra solutions.

The last step is about the drying of the area. For this step, you will require a dry cloth. You have another option of using a paper towel. Press the stained part gently to complete drying. If the mark is still present, repeat the process from first to last.

4. Detergent

Detergent is with the best chemical properties. If your car fabric is too expensive, you should try this method. You can efficiently make it in very few minutes.

Prepare the solution with the use of detergent and chill water. Take a large bowl, so both ingredients mix swiftly. You will need only one tbsp of detergent with two and a half cups of water. The water must be cold instead of warm.

Now, dip the cloth in the prepared solution and apply it over the marked area. After applying, use a brush for the efficient removal of the spot. You have to consider the selection of brushes. In this situation, the toothbrush is the best option compared to the scrub brush. The reason is that such scrub brushes push the stain deep into the fabric.

Then, clean the area with a wet paper towel. Sometimes, the marks are very stubborn. To remove them, you will require repeating the procedure again and again.

After that, the last step includes the final cleaning. With a wet paper towel, rinse it smoothly. You will require a dry paper towel for the drying purpose. The dry paper quickly removes all remaining moisture from the fabric.

5. Meat Tenderizer Paste

This method is most effective if your car seat has some old bloodstains. Firstly, make the paste of the meat tenderizer. Put one tablespoon of the meat tenderizer in any bowl. Then, put only three teaspoons of cold water. In this method, we will make paste instead of the solution. Smoothly mix it to achieve the best consistency of the paste. Meat tenderizer can clean any kind of old stains. It is one of the best agents for the removal of blood.

Secondly, apply this paste over the spot. With the use of fingers, you can smoothly spread it. Rub it with a little pressure of fingers. If you apply the paste too hard, the stain will go more inside the fabric. After applying, leave it for a minimum of one hour. The meat tenderizer will never affect the car seat.

After one hour, now clean the excess paste with a paper towel. One thing that you should consider is the slowly cleaning of it. Otherwise, you will spread the spot.

6. Liquid Dishwashing

The liquid dishwashing is not dangerous for the car’s fabric. We can use it for the washing of pots. So, there is no problem using it for the removal of stains. Now, mix liquid dishwashing with the cold water in the cup. Stir the solution, so you will get the best consistency.

With the help of a soaked towel, put it on the spot. The solution will remain settling for 10-15 minutes. After that, brush the stain slowly. It will help to lose the bond of blood on fabric. A toothbrush is a good option for brushing. Then, remove this solution with a wet towel. The swift motion is helpful in its rinsing.

Now, it’s time to inspect the results. If the stains are old or tough to remove, repeat the above steps. When you notice there is no remaining stain, clean the area. Now, a wet towel soaked with chill water is good for removing the dishwashing mixture.

7. Lemon

Lemon is one of the food ingredients that consist of different natural acids. It has intense action over the cleaning of the bloodstains. This method is more straightforward than all the above methods. We will only have one slice of lemon. Take this slice and dab over the spot.

After dabbing, keep the lemon’s slice for approximately a few minutes. But, never allow the lemon to fully dry. The lemon juice has strong acid that can clean the blood and destroy the fabric. Thus, after only a few minutes, rinse this juice with a towel. Use a towel that contains moisturized chill water.

Lastly, use a dry towel to dry the area. Slowly dry and see the results of this method. You could repeat the process if the spot did not entirely remove. Our recommendation is to try any method on the hide position of the car’s seat. Therefore, there is no chance of any damage to the visible position.  


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