How To Take A Roundabout

Often confused with the roundabout, the roundabout does not however obey the same rules. To take a roundabout correctly, you have to pay attention to the priority on the right, while a roundabout has signed “Give way”. In both cases, you must watch your position on the road and your use of the turn signal.

What are the basic rules for taking a roundabout?

The roundabout obeys some basic rules in the highway code. It is often confused with the roundabout, although there is a difference between the two:

  • The roundabout has no traffic signs or lane markings. It obeys the priority right rule. There are few in France, the best known being that of the Place de l’Etoile in Paris.
  • The roundabout has “Give Way” signs at each entrance to the intersection.

By misuse of language, we speak of roundabouts to also designate roundabouts, but the rules are not the same! However, in both cases, to properly take a roundabout or a roundabout, you will have to respect several rules of positioning, visual checks, and signaling.

How to position yourself on the road when approaching a roundabout?

When approaching a roundabout or roundabout, start by slowing down and downshifting. If the carriageway has only one lane to enter the roundabout or intersection, you don’t need to worry about your positioning on the road.

On the other hand, it is common for the entrance to a large roundabout or roundabout to have two lanes. In this case, you must place yourself:

  • Right if you take a right exit or go straight;
  • Left if taking a left exit or making a U-turn.

If you’re not sure which lane you’ll be in yet and need to go around a roundabout before choosing your exit, stay in the right lane.

You must also activate your turn signal when approaching the roundabout. If you take the first exit on the right, turn on the right turn signal before entering the intersection. If you are going left or making a U-turn, turn on the left turn signal before entering the intersection. In other cases, do not use the turn signal before entering the roundabout.

How to take a roundabout by car?

When entering a roundabout or a roundabout, you must therefore be on the right lane and have activated your turn signal according to the lane you are taking. Before getting in, do your visual checks ( mirror and blind spot ) to make sure that no two-wheeler slips over the side of the car when you turn.

On a roundabout intersection, you do not have priority when entering the intersection. So you have to give way. When the way is clear, you can enter it. On a roundabout, priority to the right applies: you have priority to enter the roundabout.

If you go to the left and find yourself on a two-lane roundabout, you must fall back to the exit preceding yours. Before that, check your blind spot on the right when falling back. Activate the right turn signal, then pull over. When exiting the roundabout, do your visual checks again then take the exit.

If you are going right or across, stay in the right lane. To take the first exit on the right, your right turn signal must be on before entering the roundabout. When exiting, check your blind spot.

To take the exit opposite, turn on your right turn signal when you reach the previous exit. Again, always check your rear view mirror and your blind spot before taking the exit.

On a real roundabout, remember that the priority right rule applies and that you must therefore yield to vehicles entering the roundabout when you are turning on it. On a roundabout, you have the right of way when you are in the intersection.

Did you know? Failure to comply with the rules of the highway code in a roundabout is punishable by a fine of €135 and a deduction of 3 points from your driving license.

There you go, now you know how to take a roundabout or a roundabout! Respect the right-of-way rules, pay attention to your blind spot and, above all, be sure to use your turn signal to signal to other road users when you are changing lanes or leaving the roundabout.


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