My Car Keeps Locking And Unlocking Itself

Have you ever been in an incident where you can remember precisely that you didn’t close the door to your car, however, it was locked automatically? In this instance does the car get haunted? Absolutely not. There are a few reasons the car behaves this way. We are trying to find the cause today!

Then, you might are wondering, Why is my car continue locked and unlocked? There are a variety of solutions on this issue. Issues such as defective door sensors, or loss of signal could trigger the auto-locking process to unlock and lock itself. Certainly, for an auto lock, there may be an auto-lock feature installed in your vehicle.

It’s likely that’s not enough to satisfy you. Are you looking to learn more? Let’s start with a thorough explanation!

Why My Car Is Always Locking and Unlocking itself Solutions & Problems

There could be a variety of reasons for this to happen. In this article, we’ll provide you with each one of them and solutions to this issue. Keep to read.

Probable issue 1: Sensor malfunctioning

A majority of the times, we see this as the cause of the primary issue. The cars usually have sensors that assist with locking or unlocking doors. When the sensor isn’t working it indicates issues such as the automatic operation.


The only aid you’ll receive is to eliminate the sensor that is malfunctioning. It is possible to remove it off the front door, or replace the entire lock system to replace it with a brand new one. If you have someone hired to install the lock the installation, they will charge an average of $85 per hour. In other cases, you could perform the installation yourself since the process isn’t too difficult to follow.

Probable issue 2: problem with Keyless Entry Module

This feature lets you be able to lock or unlock your vehicle without the use of a key. This means that any issue here could be the reason for the automatic lock-unlocking issue that your car is experiencing. It could be due to problems with wires or an improper plug.


What you can do is to disconnect the module and plug it once more. Any issues that arise within this area of the vehicle should be dealt with by a professional only.

Probable issue 3: Loss or the signal

If the lock in your car is using a keyless system the signal will be the primary factor in managing it. Any disturbance in the signal could be an indication of your vehicle’s auto lock-unlock issue. There are a myriad of causes for the signal loss. Additionally, the loss in signal could be due to the in-built malfunction of the responsible components as well.


If you believe that the loss of signal could be the cause of your issue it is essential to consult an expert in this area. It is a lot of work to resolve the issue by yourself.

Issues with probable 4: Troublesome remote battery

Since the majority of auto locks operate via remotes and the problem with the battery could lead to the operation being automated. If you’re still experiencing issues with the car lock after trying the previously mentioned solutions look at the remote’s battery.


The solution is easy to change the remote’s battery.

Probable issue 5 Remote buttons stuck

It is possible that the car door locking and unlocking incessantly after you remote’s buttons become stuck. If your child has been playing around with their remote, or in any way it’s being used and it is not working, that could be the reason for the automatic response you’re experiencing.


If the remote is stuck on buttons due to an internal issue it is necessary to resolve it by calling in an expert. If not you should keep the remote in a secure place that no one is able to reach it can help.

Probable issue 6 Auto-lock system

Today, nearly all vehicles have an automatic lock system. If your vehicle has an automated lock, it could be the reason for the problem you’re thinking is a ghost.


The only way to solve this for this is to turn off the auto-lock feature. However, we’re not certain which cars with this feature has the option to turn off the system or not. But, you are able to check the model of your car to determine for yourself.

How do prevent my vehicle auto-locking?

If you’d like to turn off the auto-locking system, we’ll provide a method to aid you. The procedure is fairly simple to follow. However, first, you need verify if your vehicle permits deactivating the auto-lock system. Once you’re sure then follow the steps below:

  • Switch on the ignition and you will be able to power it up.
  • Find the unlock button of your car and press it for three times without stopping. You must then switch off the ignition.
  • After switching off the ignition and then repeat the next step and then press the button to unlock three times and then press the unlock button three times more.
  • Then, you must switch on the ignition.
  • You are about to be in the program mode of your vehicle. You are assured that the horn will sound once.
  • The last step is to hit the unlock button once and then press the lock button again. When you are done switch off your ignition and then listen for an obnoxious sound from the horn. The job is now accomplished!

In the event that you’ve got an ignition keypad on your vehicle in place of the lockor unlock button, use the following procedure:

  • Close the car’s doors and then switch off your ignition. Make sure that all lights are switched off inside your vehicle.
  • Input the factory number to begin the programable option.
  • Hold the button 3-4, and while holding the button hold it, release and press the 7th button.
  • Repetition pressing the button 7-8, while pressing three buttons.
  • If the horn sounds one time, the auto-lock feature is disabled.

Commonly answered inquiries (FAQ)

How do you unlock the auto vehicle door locks?

If you’re stuck in the street and your vehicle is blocked automatically, then you could utilize a spare magnetic key connected to your car to open it. If not, you’ll need to employ unlocking tools as well as the help of the mechanic.

Why is my auto locking mechanisms not working?

It is possible to have a fault within the lock system or the battery of the key fob may be dead. If you’re an experienced professional, then you may attempt to solve the issue on your own, but it’s a good choice to seek out expert assistance.

Does anyone have an app that can make it easier to lock or unlock your vehicle?

If your vehicle has an option for remote unlocking it is possible to make use of an application. However, you must be sure the device is compatible the beginning.

What is the best way to unlock your vehicle using keys in the car?

Multiple popular ways can help you. However, the easiest one that we have seen to be the most effective is the tennis ball method. In this case, you need to create an opening inside the ball and then put it on the lock. As you turn it, air that is trapped inside will allow you to open the door of your car. However, it is recommended to get the assistance of an expert mechanic to open the door of your car.

wrapping up

I hope that by now, you’ve have figured out the reason why my car keeps lock and unlocking? It’s a typical issue in automobile owners and it is no supernatural explanation for it. Therefore, you should not be than astonished and look at the solution we’ve presented in this article.

At times you may encounter the annoyance of finding the door of your car locked with your keys in it. In this instance the best advice you could get is from an expert mechanic.


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