Why is Your Trac Off Light On? Troubleshooting Tips-Meaning, Causes & Fixes

Toyotas are known as reliable vehicles, but all of the reliable vehicle are not without problems occasionally. When you’re driving around in your Toyota and the TRAC OFF indicator appear in your instrument panel, you might be wondering if this is a reason to be concerned. Although it may be not, it doesn’t have to be. Many times it’s due to one simple error.

We’ll discuss the purpose of the TRAC OFF indicator as well as the most common reasons it’s on, but additionally, practical steps to follow to fix and troubleshoot the problem.

It doesn’t matter if you’re Toyota owner who wants to find the source of the dashboard warning light, or simply want to know something more concerning this mysterious lamp read on to find out more!


What does the TRAC OFF Light Mean?

The TRAC off light is an alert light that is visible at the top of the dash of the Toyota vehicle. If the light is on it means it is a sign that the traction system is deactivated because of a malfunction. If that light on the off of TRAC blinks this means that the system is engaged and trying to stop the loss of the traction.

Modern vehicles are usually equipped with an TCS, or traction control technology (TCS) that is a security feature which helps improve the traction and stability of uneven surfaces through applying brakes to specific wheels, and/or by reducing the power of the engine.

The TCS usually activates automatically whenever the vehicle detects that it’s losing the traction. It can also be turned off by the driver when needed for instance, when you are stuck in mud or snow and you must allow the wheels to turn.

If an engine control device or the traction control system detects an issue like malfunctioning sensors or a computer problem TRAC OFF light will illuminate because of the system not being activated to protect the user.

In the event that this happens when this happens, you must take note that it could be less in control of the vehicle’s traction. In certain instances there are instances where the TRAC Off light might be coupled with other warning light in the instrument panel, for instance checking engine lights or ABS (Anti-lock brake system) light. This usually indicates an issue with one or several or both of the above systems.

Its appearance and the look of TRAC off light will vary based on the type of car. It could be accompanied by the letter “TC” or the image of a vehicle with lines bent in the opposite direction of the tires.

What causes the TRAC OFF light to flash?

The most frequent reason for a TRAC off light is because of pressing the button by error. But, if you notice that the TRAC OFF light appears along with the check engine light or any other warning lights such as an light from the VCS OFF light or the slip indicator, it means that there’s a fault in the system of traction control.

There are a myriad of the reasons the light might be on. Before you begin finding the cause and fixing it begin by taking an in-depth look at the most frequent reasons.

1. Roads are in bad condition.

Let’s begin with the most obvious reason to check if the wheels on your car are in fact sliding. However, if that’s the situation, you will be able to see the the traction control light flashing. This should it will only be on for a brief period since you might lose traction when driving on slippery or bumpy road conditions, for instance roads that are icy or snowy.

However, if this does apply to your particular situation this is perfectly normal. But , you should be more cautious with the accelerator.

2. “TRAC Off” or “VCS off” The button accidentally clicked.

In the event that your Traction Control System (TRAC) was manually shut off, either through deliberate or accidental pressing the button marked “TCS” or “TRAC,” you may observe the TRAC Off light shining on your dashboard to provide an alert.

The TRAC OFF indicator light acts as a warning that the system for traction control is not in operation, which could impact the stability of your car and its traction. The light will remain on up until either the traction control device is manually switched back on, or the problem that caused it to turn off is fixed.

In many instances you can turn off the system for traction control disables the VSC system, and the reverse is true. You may be able to see an VSC warning sign displayed on the dashboard for instance an image of a car moving along the road, with the words “OFF” on the dashboard. But, in order to switch the system back on you need to press the button once more.

3. Problems with the wheel speed sensor

The speed sensors on the wheels of your car play an important part in the functioning of your car. The sensors, which are located on each wheel and are in charge of determining the speed of rotation of each wheel, and then sending the information into the ECM (engine control unit) as well as the control unit for traction. By analyzing this data, the systems can quickly detect the loss of traction and, in turn, initiate to keep the appropriate degree of traction and stability when driving.

However, if there’s an issue with one sensor, then the system could get inaccurate information that could lead to that traction control device being shut off due to security reasons, which triggers the TRAC OFF light.

4. A faulty steering angle sensor

In order to keep your traction intact by managing the wheel’s direction and consequently the direction the vehicle moves is crucial. While many parts of the steering system allow you to achieve this however, a malfunctioning or misaligned angle sensor for the steering is the one most commonly blamed for that causes the TRAC OFF and VCS OFF light to turn on.

The sensor, which is located at the steering wheel, detects the direction that the vehicle. It also ensures that both the wheel as well as the wheels of the car are aligned. When the system for traction detects an error, it could cause the light to flash onto your dashboard. The good thing is that sometimes this sensor requires a reset.

5. Affective ABS Control Module

The ABS control module functions as the central nervous system that controls the brake antilock system. It’s continually running diagnostic tests and processing data from wheel speed sensors and other parts.

If you are sure that the ABS system is working properly, it can keep the wheels from locking when you stop abruptly or in slippery road conditions, which allows you to remain in control of your car and safely stop.

If there are problems in or issues in the ABS controller, this could result in problems with the general performance of the system.

The system is also linked to your automobile’s system for traction. In the event of an issue in the ABS control unit you could also notice the TRAC control system shutting off and the TRAC OFF light illuminate.

It could be that there is an issue that is affecting the source of electricity to the module or the software might not be operating correctly.

6. Malfunctioning Computer Unit

In modern automobiles, computer systems are in charge of managing everything from the engine and transmission , to the brake and traction control systems.

If there’s a problem in the computer that regulates the TCS and the TRAC Off light might be displayed on the dashboard to provide an indication. If, however, that the TRAC OFF light is illuminated due to computer problems, there is a chance that you’ll notice additional signs or dashboard lights because the computer is linked to multiple systems in the vehicle.

If there aren’t any other indicators or warnings then it’s likely to be the case.

How to Fix an off-light for TRAC?

Once you’ve identified the most likely reasons the reason why you’re Toyota’s TRAC OFF indicator is blinking You’ll want to know how to repair it. What you must do:

1. Restart the System

The first step to check is to make sure that the TRAC system hasn’t been shut off because of a mistake in pressing the button that is marked by “TRAC” as well as the symbol of a vehicle with diagonal lines extending from it.

Simply press either button to turn the device back off. In most Toyota automobiles the TRAC button can be situated just to the left on the wheel, or on the dashboard’s center console. If this does not function, move for the next stage.

2. Start Your Vehicle

If you restart your car it is possible restart the engine and then turn off your light. But, keep in mind that isn’t a 100% guaranteed solution even if it turns off for a while. Therefore, it’s important to fix the root cause to stop it from recurring.

3. Look for trouble codes

If the steps 1 and 2 did not work then I suggest using the OBD2 reader (also known as scan or diagnostic scanner tool) to identify the error code that caused an alert light come on. This scanner allows you to read diagnostic trouble codes that are stored in the error memory of your car and help you to pinpoint the issue.

OBD2 scanners are simple to make use of, and the best thing is that many auto repair shops can let you borrow one at no cost. If you’d like to purchase one on your own you can usually find them at reasonable prices.

4. Visit Your Car to a mechanic

If you’re not sure what to do to decode the problem codes or aren’t able to pinpoint the issue, we suggest sending your car to an expert mechanic. Naturally, this comes with a higher cost however, the mechanic is able to determine the problem and swiftly complete the task because they deal with the kind of repairs every day.

What is the cost to repair an off light for TRAC?

If the light on the dashboard is flashing because of a malfunction with the system for traction control, you can expect to spend anything between $100 and $1000 or more to repair the issue. Of course, it is dependent on the root cause, as replacing a sensor can be quite affordable when in comparison to the cost of fixing or replacing the malfunctioning computer or control module.

If you are looking for the replacement of a speed sensor on your wheel it is possible to pay between $200-$250. The cost of replacing a steering angle sensor costs between $250 and $350.

While the cost of an ABS control module may vary from around $300 to more than $1000, the cost of the cost of replacing an engine control module usually can cost upwards of $1300 or more.

Be aware that these are only rough estimates , and the costs will vary widely based on the model of the car and age of the vehicle, the mechanic shop for auto repairs, and many other variables, like the location you reside in.

Can I drive my Car When the TRAC OFF Light is on?

Yes, you are able to drive your vehicle with the TRAC OFF indicator on. But driving without a functioning traction control system may increase the chance of an accident happening particularly when driving in slippery or unstable conditions. If your Toyota TRAC OFF light comes on, it’s important to take action immediately.

While you wait you must drive cautiously and be ready for the possibility of less stability and traction. It could need to modify your driving habits, for example, decreasing speed and avoiding sudden accelerations or braking until the problem is solved.


Does low tire pressure cause Traction Control Lights to Go On?

Low tire pressure could cause the light for traction control to come on however it’s likely. It can happen when it is detected that wheels turning unsteadily and believes they’re losing the traction. In this case just increase the tire pressure at the same level to fix the issue.

Is it safe to drive with the TRAC OFF light on?

Although TRAC control systems are commonly used in modern vehicles , they are not able to stop losing traction vehicles have these systems. Therefore, determining whether it’s suitable to travel with the OFF light on, it usually depends on the conditions of the driving, for instance when you’re driving on roads that are icy or snowy.

The Conclusive Conclusion

If you notice that TRAC OFF light on your dashboard when you drive your Toyota do not panic! It’s simply a sign that your traction control system which prevents the wheels of your vehicle from turning in slippery surfaces, not working. This could be caused by many things including pressing the button in error or in bad road conditions or issues with your wheels speeds sensors and ABS systems. Be assured that there are options to correct the issue, or at the very least, to identify the problem.

Keep in mind that the technology for regulating traction is a security feature therefore it’s essential to shut off the system of traction control when you have to, because it’s intended to help improve your control of the vehicle’s control over its traction.


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